In this artist's concept, an outpost for astronauts living and working on Mars is imagined.

June 01, 1989

Mars Outpost as outlined in FY-89 Office of Exploration Annual Report, depicted during consolidation Phase. Projected time from start of Emplacement Phase to Consolidation Phase - 4 years with 4 years to complete consolidation and begin full utilization. Main components are a habitat module, pressurized rover dock/equipment lock, airlocks, and a 16-meter constructable (inflatable) habitat. Also visible in this image is a meteorological balloon, an unpressurized rover, a storage work area, a geophysical experiment area and a local area antenna. The Outpost is for 7 astronauts whose mission will focus on research related to Earth sciences such as mining of Mars and Phobos; life science research; advanced technical development; origin of life studies; and further solar system exploration. Mars Outpost elements and procedures are derived from an earlier lunar test bed. This painting was done by Mark Dowman of John Frassanito & Associates For NASA, JSC's of Office of Exploration.


NASA/JSC by Mark Dowman of John Frassanito & Associates


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