A crowd of excited men and women who work on the Mars Exploration Rover mission are wearing white paper 3-D glasses with red and blue lenses to view some of the Spirit rover's first three-dimensional images.  Some are seated behind console work stations, while others are standing, trying to get the best view. 	Team members viewing some of Spirit's first 3-D images

January 15, 2004

Men and women of the Mars Exploration Rover mission admire some of Spirit's first images in 3-D. Nagin Cox, then deputy team chief of the spacecraft rover engineering team, dons her 3-D glasses with wrists adorned with 4 watches: one that tells the time on Earth, one for Spirit's time zone, one for Opportunity's time zone and one special "actiwatch," that was part of a fatigue study run by NASA Ames Research Center.




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